More Than Words Advocacy CIC

Advocacy through performance, communication that works


Evening and weekend sessions

We offer a range of early evening and weekend sessions, including:

MONDAYS, 7pm to 9pm - Boot Camp
Everyone of all ages and abilities welcome, including families. A mixture of exercise and dance to music, circuit style training, martial arts, self-defence and multi-sports.

TUESDAYS, 6.30pm to 9pm - SCOOP social club
SCOOP stands for Social Community Options and Opportunities for People. It's shorter Tuesday version of SCOOP Sundays and an opportunity to make new friends. £5.00 per person, ages 16 and over.

WEDNESDAYS, 4.40pm to 6.30pm - Choir
An opportunity for individuals to focus on their talent for singing. Ages 16 and over, £5 per person.

THURSDAYS, 4.30pm to 6.30pm - Drumming workshop
Music therapy is a psychological therapy that aims to create positive changes in emotional wellbeing and communication through the engagement of musical interaction. It's based on the idea that all individuals have the ability to respond to music and sound and that this can lead to positive changes in behaviour and improved social and communication skills, especially in people with autism.Our drumming workshops are for young people and adults with disabilities aged 16 and over. They are facilitated by a professional musician, alongside our qualified dramatherapists and experienced performing arts team. 

THURSDAYS, 7pm to 11pm - Disco (second Thursday of each month)
An opportunity to dance, socialise, meet new friends, and help the DJ!
Ages 18 and over, just £3 per person (PAs/support workers free). 

FRIDAYS, 7pm to 9pm - Centre Stage
This is an opportunity for individuals with a limited budget to be part of a musical theatre workshop. It's also a chance to meet socially and make new friends. The session combines songs, drama games, spoken dialogue, acting and dance, and working towards a performance in front of family and friends. Cost is £5 per person.

SUNDAYS, 10am to 5pm - SCOOP
SCOOP is a social club for young people and adults aged 16 and over. Full and half-day sessions are available, and activities include: arts and crafts, nail art, board games, pool, table football, making jewellery, chilling in the Snoezelen, listening to music, singing on the karaoke, taking part in pampering/relaxation, playing instruments, photography, cooking, dancing, film club, playing on the XBox Kinnect, sports, and much  more. See our Q&A leaflet for more details.