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Get Crafty

Our Monday to Friday 'Get Crafty' workshops include a rolling programme of arts activities, chosen by individuals as a group, for example: watercolour painting, drawing, paper marbling, clay work, paper mache, collage, model and puppet making, etc. We support our students to build their own portfolios and display their work in our own art exhibitions.

The sessions are intended to help people develop imaginative and more creative thinking, as well as improving their communication and social skills.

We offer full day and half-day sessions, starting at £32.50 for a half-day. This can be paid for through a direct payment or personal budget. Self-funders are also welcome. We can also provide one-to-one support at an additional cost of £10 per hour.

For further information about this service, or to arrange a FREE taster day, phone 01942 735426. Or, to make a referral, please complete a referral form.