We have developed a range of services for people with autism and Asperger's Syndrome, physical, sensory and learning disabilities, and behaviour that can at times be challenging. We can also provide 1:1 and 2:1 support for those individuals with more complex needs. We work closely with families, carers, professionals and local businesses to provide stimulating, educational and fun activities.

We are committed to providing high quality, person-centred services that promote the independence, choice and inclusion of the people we support. We have an excellent track record for the delivery of truly personalised services.

We offer a free taster session for anyone interested in any of our creative services - come and see for yourself, please get in touch to arrange a mutually convenient date and time.

Download our leaflets to find out more about what we do and about the benefits of dramatherapy:

Our Services

Personal Development Through Dramatherapy

Theatre and Drama

We create, perform and film our own theatre shows to help others to understand issues faced by people with disabilities and/or autism. We perform at our base in Wigan, but can also perform in schools and businesses.


Please get in touch if you are interested.


Singing and Dance

Most of our workshops incorporate singing and dancing. We explore many different styles of expressive movement and dance, and students have the opportunity to choreograph and create their own dance pieces which we sometimes use in our performances or showcase as stand-alone pieces. We also write, perform and record our own songs to a variety of different audiences.



Music plays a big part in all that we do. We use it in our productions, it acts as an inspiration for all our creative work, and we use it as a communication tool.


As part of our joint working with Bom-Ta-Bom, we regularly use our  Soundbeam in our workshops. A sound beam is an award-winning touch free device that uses sensor technology to translate body movement into music and sound. It gives children and adults the opportunity to work with music, regardless of an impairment of disability.


Healthy Lifestyles

We offer the opportunity for our students to get involved in accessible exercise, inclusive sports, menu planning, meal preparation, and learning more about the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle.



and Education

Our community and education programme is all about getting out and about in the community, learning new things, having fun and becoming more independent. It includes travel training, money management and accessing retail and leisure facilities.

As an accredited Arts Awards and Open Awards Centre, we offer students the opportunity to achieve qualifications in the arts. We also offer the opportunity for students to obtain nationally recognised qualifications in all the services we provide.


Work experience

Our Community Companions Scheme offers our students the opportunity to get involved in supported work experience placements within local businesses. It also offers supported volunteering opportunities with socially-excluded adults in the local community.


Prop shop

We make lots of our own props for our drama productions and support students to create their own artwork including watercolour painting, drawing, crafting, clay work, paper mache, collage, model and puppet making, etc. The sessions are intended to help students to develop imaginative and more creative thinking, as well as improving their communication and social skills.



A Snoezelen is controlled multi-sensory environment, and is proven therapy for people with autism and other developmental disabilities, dementia or brain injury. It also benefits people who need to develop or maintain their joint flexibility and overall holistic wellbeing.




We are proactive in developing communication tools that allow individuals to communicate effectively and have the support they need to live more independent and meaningful lives. We offer a range of tools that people can use in everyday communications to support their independence. We also support businesses and local authorities by translating information into easy-read formats.



We provide a range of training aimed at individuals, businesses and professionals, including: Disability Awareness, Moving and Handling, and Management of Actual or Potential Aggression (MAPA) certified training.